Dimensions: 32’ 2” x 50’ 5” – 16’ Ceiling Height
Square Footage: 1622’
(allow 3 and ½ feet for curtains and base bumper all around)

1 Internal office space
Sofa sitting area
Tables and chairs/stools
Complimentary Coffee, Monster Energy Drinks and water fountains
Vending Machines

Audio Specs:
Digital mixing console (SD9, SC48, Berringer X32 or Yamaha M7)
3 LabGruppen PLM 10000Q amplifiers powering 6 mixes on Adamson M212 Floor Wedges
1 Self Powered EV 118P drum sub
Stereo Side Fills
    – 1-DAS Convert 1590a per side self powered by Powersoft
    – 1-DAS Event 218LX per side self powered by Powersoft
Hardwired microphone package based on provided plot/input list
    – Shure, Sennheiser, Electro Voice, Audix
All necessary cabling and stands

Call John @ 818-753-0148 or email for pricing and Booking Information

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Equipment List

Rooms include:

1 8x8x1’ drum riser
Adamson Monitoring System Powered by Lab Gruppen
Analog or Digital Console
Appropriate Graphic EQs
Effects Processors
Production Offices/Artist Lounges
All Necessary Cables
Full Sized Refrigerator
Music Stands

Unless stage specs are disscused prior to booking date, all rooms come with our standard package which includes: 6 Adamson floor monitors (212 115 215 avaiable upon request), 2 (3 way) stereo sidefills and a ­16 output monitoring system with 3 vocal microphones. Extra floor wedges/mixes are available upon request, call or email for pricing.

*Upon request each room has available 100 amp 3 phase camlock tie-in power


With its large parking facility, wide open loading bays and ground level access, our facility is designed for your convenience. You’ll feel at home as you enjoy all of our first class amenities:

On-site sound engineers available at all times
Professional sound systems
Private production offices
Tour Supply
Free wi-fi and high speed DSL hook-ups
Additional power hook-ups if necessary
Air conditioning, couches and tables
Refrigerators and complimentary coffee services
Local Restaurant delivery guide
Cable television
Complimentary Monster drinks
Complimentary Water


Booking, Backline/Pro Audio Rentals, and General Questions

(O) 818-753-0148 | (C) 818-613-7518


24hr Lockout Annex | 310-924-4516